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First day of school nerves v disembodied voiceover female

Eep! So tomorrow is registration day for the next chapter in my professional life, if you'll remember I blethered about it here briefly.... The time has come for me to return to study for another MA. Like I said to my bank when them pitching the idea, who wants one degree when you can have three? Am I right?!

After months of sorting financing, buying books, attending conferences and retraining my mind in the ways of study, all of a sudden emotionally I'm 11 years old again, pulling up my knee socks and donning a satchel to have a 'first day of school'. ARGH! What if they don't like me? What if I fall on the way into the dinner hall? What if I get a terrible nickname about my ears again? ('World Cup'...incase you were interested)  Funny how those feelings don't go away, no matter how old you get.

Now. The course is in Voice Studies. So I'll need lots of guinea pigs to practice voice coaching on. Be it general voice skills, voice in performance or presentation, accents, Alexander Technique etc etc... If you are an actor, or a voice artist, or a preacher, or teacher, or bin man, or anyone who has a voice and you want some to improve your skills, have a voice issue you've always wondered if you could fix, or need to sound like you're from the purpletuktuk tribe in Innerouterfarawaycountryland...CALL ME! I NEED YOU! Spread the word to family and friends and please send folk my way via this site. 

Making new friends and embarking on a new student journey is a daunting prospect. But I'm focusing on the positive and exciting experiences to come. And the 10% off in Topshop.