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Ill in the holidays? Yesss...

It's a funny position to be in when you're thankful for being ill over christmas instead of when you're working. This year was my first experience of such an occurrence. As the holidays approached I had a bit of a suspicion that after months of hard graft my body was preparing to strike. By strike of course I mean do feck*all at trying to fend off potential viruses and what not.

*Can I say 'feck' in a blog related to my business? I've done it twice now. Well, it's a gentle reminder I'm Irish, if you're into that. Anywho....

I was so busy stressing about the whole 'drenching my Mac in H20' debacle pre-xmas that I didn't really notice.  I had to find an alternative recording set up to fulfil clients recording needs until new Mac arrived post-xmas. In what turned out to be a lucky twist of fate I'd been bought a USB mic as a present and received it, much to my fellas dismay, in advance of the big day itself; "You've ruined Christmas! What will you have to open under the tree now?!!!" (Bless #heisthirythisweek) Now I know there are some who condone the use of such devices, there is inevitably a difference in quality of sound, but as I travel a lot doing comedy I need one for the regular clients. This year at the Edinburgh Festival I lugged my entire recording set up there and huddled under a quilt keeping clients happy. My mother would be proud. I got the Audio Technica AT2020 USB and so far so good. It plugs straight into your tablet which enabled me to complete the last few jobs I had lined up.

Meanwhile, in the depths of my sinuses, chest and earlugs a fog was descending. When I woke up on Christmas Eve Eve feeling like death and with no voice, in a fetching Christmas jumper (it was a polar bear holding a ski!!! Classic xmas banter...) my first thought was, 'thank god this didn't happen last week when I had to work in my job as a voice artist where I very much need my voice!' Strange. No calling in sick using your left hand and best Joan Rivers voice. No sick pay for the self employed. Just the dread of having to let people down and miss out on opportunities what would bring in the coinz. 

This isn't me btw, the cold wasn't that bad... Still, quite the looker isn't she? 

This isn't me btw, the cold wasn't that bad... Still, quite the looker isn't she? 

Luckily, you don't need a voice for a christmas break, just a mouth to fill and a heart to be warmed! Ahhhh #barf And, it is interesting how you can power through when the threat of missing the party looms. New lesson; champagne in a hot tub works rather well for clearing the head*. And amaretto. And red wine. And hot port. And whiskey. And lots of blue cheese. 

Better now! New mac in place (doesn't it type well?!) and bring on the next year. I have a feeling it's going to be a good one. 

*This is NOT medical advice. Seek proper help if you are ill. Do NOT just jump into a hot tub and drink champagne until you can't feel your face anymore.