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Writing stuff about being an Irish voice over and that...

Catchy title, I know. Considering this is a blog about how I've been writing articles, I could probably have come up with a better one, but it does what it says on the tin. Or blog. Anyway.

I was asked by the Voice Over Herald to write a piece on what it's like to be an Irish Voice Over artist. Which seemed a strange question, really. It's no different to being any other Voice Over artist I imagine. Except for the accent. AND ALL THE POTATOES. But seriously. When I thought about it, my Irish-ness is very much integral to why I am a VO. I got a voice demo because someone said it would be useful as I'm Irish and much of my work is because I'm Irish. Which is grand. So it is #lolz 

The secret is,'ll have to read the article to find out. 

Let me know your thoughts.