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January? Janu-ages-ry

January is a funny old one. It's loooong. Except it's not. It's just the standard...(wait, "30 days has September, April, June and Novem...yep) 31 days. I've been busy which is nice. A couple of new clients rearing their heads. One of which lead to a job for which I had to say the word 'police' approximately 1600 times. If ever there was ever an exercise for practising how not to pop your 'P's', this was it. I'll tell you all about that one when it launches in the near future.

Got me thinking, what's your weirdest/longest/most challenging job. How did your year start? Do share. Always interesting to know what folk have been up to in the booth.

Ta ra for now. I'm gigging all weekend at The Stand, Newcastle, on a cracking line up, so must go and practise my jokes.