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Here's one I made earlier

Jane Horrocks. Dawn French. Nicola Redman. What do all these ladies have in common? Tesco innit. Not for doing the big shop. Although they might use Tesco. Though I'd imagine Dawn likes a bit of Waitrose. In fairness, my weekly shop is usually an amalgam of Tesco, a bit of the butchers and Lidl for cheap ketchup, a 3 bit drill kit and a pop up tent (you never know you need this stuff until you get inside!) Anywho, it's the Tesco commercial! We've all done voice overs for a Tesco ad. 

"What's it like being in the same class as those superstars, Nic?" Thanks for asking Bob. It's nice. It's always good to get a gig in like that. An hour in a studio, all profesh* with creatives and the client and the studio folk. Get's you out of the house and interacting with real life people. Makes a welcome change from working in my home studio, talking to a mic and padded wall in my pyjamas. #glamour.

(*Profesh is an abbrev. for professional. Abbrevs. are what everyone is doing these days. No time to finish words prop., too much other import. stuff to do. Get on board w' it, it's where the Eng. Lang. is going peeps. )

It was a great experience. They played the graphics live on a screen and I had to dub the VO in over the top as it ran. You have to time the lines of script with the animation transitions and fit it all in to 30 seconds. Which is a method I'd not experienced before. So that's a new skill in the bag. I was good at it. I hope to get to utilise it again some day. Maybe I'll get to dub a foreign film into Irish. Like, an American horror - 'JAESUS MANDY, HE'S IN DE FECKIN' CLOSET! GET DEWN DE STAIORS' 

It's really great to see the finished product of something you've worked on. I had to go back a few times due to script amendments so it took slightly longer that the usual commercial session, but I'm glad it's turned out well. 

This ad was just a short campaign for Ireland, F&F Back to School, but maybe they'll want me back, eh? If you're reading this, Tesc., I can probably squeeze you in again if you want, or not, whatevs., I'm easy. (Not like that . Cheeky) Seriously, call me.

You can watch the advert here 

Or, if you'd like my dulcet Irish tones for your next campaign, or US horror commentary, get in touch

And I'll be off to Lidl now. Apparently they've got furry car dice on offer. "But Nic, you don't own a car" WHO SAID THAT?! YOU DON'T KNOW ME!