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In a worrrrlllld....

So, I've been harping on about it being time for there to be a female movie trailer voice for a while now. I started a hash tag about it; #movietrailergirl, but it didn't quite catch on... It was used 3 times; twice by me and once re-tweeted, so I didn't get it 'trending', as it were. Still, the thought was there. WELL! Turns out, they've only bloody made a movie about it. Yes, that's right! Not about me and the hash tag #movietrailergirl incindent, surprisingly, but about one woman's quest to become the first female voice of movie trailers. It stars Lake Bell and a myriad of other hilarious American types. Look, the trailer is below. 


Now, I wasn't asked to be in it, it's been a whole "Hollywood" thang really, but, after my efforts with starting #movietrailergirl, I think I'd at least like an invite to the UK Premier. Who is in charge of that? I hope it spurs some new movement in females voicing trailers. A revolution of sorts. It's definitely time. Especially an Irish one... "Ach, well sure, In a wee world, so, there was this lad, roight, and he was all like 'oooh, I'm a man, but I like bats, and I can kill all the baddies and look after the town and stuff'. Coming soon like, to your local pictures...he's a man, but he dresses like a bat the odd time, it's the Bat Man. Batman." Catchy. Call me, yeah?