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What a week!

Well, talk about a week. I mean there has been a Monday and a Tuesday already. Heavens. 

Things on the Voice Over career side are going well. The corporate clients keep coming back for more. Looks like Northern Irish businesses are getting savvy with audio marketing, happily for me and my voice.

I'm looking into more training courses to take in the near future. I read about an interesting one on gaming voices with High Score Productions in a blog here by fellow VO Anna Parker Naples.  Plus there are lots to chose from at The Showreel with JP Orr. Having done the Character and Animation Day 1 with Yvonne Morley, I'll be going back for the Day 2 workshop soon. Nothing like learning how to use a bit of 'labio-dentalisation', to sound like Janet Street Porter if you ask me. One day they'll need someone to narrate her biography and she will be too busy with Loose Women to do it and I'll be here. Ready to go. With my upper teeth and lower lip. Labio-dentalising away.

If your interested in the voice acting side of things, check out these videos from the recent 2013 Calgary Expo. There are some interviews with popular voice actors and footage of them playing around with silly voices on well known films. Loads of banter. Hopefully I'll get to go one day. When I've been the voice of the Janet Street Porter video game. I think I need to let that one go. She's probably not interested in gaming...

Our official show image. Ta big G'. That's you Graham... 

Our official show image. Ta big G'. That's you Graham... 

've decided I'm moving back to London. Hurrah! Not until after Edinburgh Festival in August mind. Let's get that out of the way. Show prep is going...well, it's 'going' anyway. Myself and my show partner Graham are in the middle of press releases, prop organisation (yes...there may be a prop #exciting) and just generally getting excited about it. So that's good. That's us to the left, see?

ey guess what, tonight I'm going to The Odeon, Leicester Square to review The Hangover III for Cinema Sauce. Very exciting. I really liked the first one, the second one was fun but nothing new so I'm intrigued to see what they've done with this one. I wonder is it the actual premier? The ticket is really glossy. And it's in a fancy cinema. Ooh, maybe I should wear a frock just incase. Well, I'll tell you about it next week if I've not run off with Bradley Cooper. I wonder if they would ever replace the epic 'Voice Over Man' trailer voice with a 'Voice Over Woman' trailer voice. Maybe a Northern Irish one? I think I could do that. 'Sure it's coming soon, to a cinema near you, so it is...'

If you know the person who makes this decision, reader, tell them I'm available. But not too available. You know, just tell them to call me. Thanks.