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Learning the hard way...

Ah guys. Guys, guys, guys...

So, you know when you're self employed and you are on your computer all the time working from home?

And the machine is like your third arm and your contact with everyone in your professional life?

Basically, this machine holds the key to everything you require in day to day business and contains what really amounts to your life's work?

And you know when you spill a whole glass of water over said machine and the world seems to slow down as it buzzes, beeps and turns itself off and you lurch across the room for a towel or a miracle or a time machine, as you see a mornings recording and writing quite literally fizzle away from you?


If ever there was an appropriate moment for a #epicfail it was this.

Luckily the internet is there to provide you with lots of home remedies to rectify it; put it in rice in a bag in the hot press in the oven in a towel next to a chap named Steve playing the ukulele whilst singing the hit 70s classic 'All By My Self' originally by Eric Carmen but probably more famous in my generation as a Celine Dion hit! 

"But Nic, all is not lost. Sure you may have to pay for a repair or a new machine, but your data was backed up wasn't it. WASN'T IT?!" Ah Bob, of course it wasn't. That was my first job for Jan 2014 wasn't it. I was too busy building contacts and tweeting and blogging to prioritise making a copy of everything I've ever done. Every file I've recorded. Every demo I've made. Ever photo I've taken. Every piece I've written. Every canapé recipe I've collated. Oh god, I think I might hurl.

Off to the place where they have lots of experts in bue t-shirts and lanyards. To see if, through the stifled laughter at my idiocy, they can salvage anything.

To be continued...

 *This post was sponsored by my tablet. Which, although a life saver in many ways this week, does not serve as a sufficient replacement on the whole. Sorry fella.