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#ADR in the WB Studio. Across from a strip joint #glam

October for me has been about investing in more training! I mean, who needs to spend money on food really... Got to speculate to accumulate in business, that's what they say. "Who's they, Nic?" Dunno, Bob, but they also say 'you live and learn' and 'you can't teach an old dog to tap dance', or something, so they know their stuff. 

So, having done the Game Voices course at High Score Productions earlier in the month and had a bloody good time (read all about it here...)  I went to Warner Bros De Lane Lea Studios to attend Louis Elman ADR Academy. I'd been introduced to ADR a few months ago by a VO friend, and thought it was worth investigating. Well, what another fun day! ADR voicing, or Automated Dialogue Replacement, is when you create all the vocals for the supporting characters and cast (and sometimes principles if it turns out they can act but can't do an Egyptian accent, but that's not for now...) in a TV or movie production. So any noisy crowds or one liners you can hear off screen in movies, the voices are generated by ADR actors, which is what this course prepares you for. 

View from the studio. Didn't get to do any of their voices. Maybe next time.

It's definitely a skill alright. One minute you're part of a cheering crowd, the next you're part of an angry mob, then you're drowning at sea, then you're the breaths for a victim in a thriller. And that was just me on that particular day. Thanks to David John who ran the course and Abigail Barbier from Louis Elman. Much fun was had. 

So that's another skill in the bag. This bloody bag is getting pretty heavy with #skillz now; game voicing, ADR, corporate narration, commercials, radio promo... I'm going to have to remove my sandwich if I'm not careful.  

Anywho, I very much recommend the course. Get stuck in. You might learn something. About Soho if nothing else. Quite the varied landscape. #studio #pret #strippers #obvs