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Build your confidence, play with new techniques and learn what you need to free your voice to nail your speaking and recordings every time.  

Embrace your vocal brilliance and get creative with your voice. 

Raise your vocal awareness and explore the power of voice training for ensuring your speaking voice is always expressive, engaging and healthy. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed with where to start with how to get the most out of your speaking voice?

Do you sometimes wish your voice could be more expressive and engaging?

Is vocal tiredness stopping you from speaking up/holding you back?

Then join me for the *KNOW IT, OWN IT, SPEAK IT* 3 day masterclass series for a deep dive into what you need to know to empower you in what your voice needs.

It can be hard to know where to start with voice training on your own. 

There’s so much out there to choose from, but how do you know what exercises are right for you and your voice?

I mean, you’re not a ‘voice expert’ but you ARE the speaker and you have the right to know how to look after and develop your instrument of voice with some professional know-how and in-person guidance. 

The one thing that will get in the way of vocal freedom and expression in a safe and engaging way is physical tension. 

And what causes your tension?

Nerves. Overwhelm. Anxiety. Excitement. The unknown.

Feeling panicked when you step up to speak because you’re underprepared, or your voice doesn’t feel quite right or you’re feeling nervous about sharing your message.., doesn’t need to hold you back.

Sure, that’s no good!

It’s possible to understand what your voice needs in every moment, be confident in the knowledge that you have the right exercises to deploy when you need them and know that your words will come out exactly as you need them to.

This is the key to your voice being engaging, flexible and easy.

The Know it, Own It, Speak It
3 Day Masterclass will:


Help you uncover what is and isn’t working in your voice care and speaking habits at the moment so you can start to actively improve your vocal maintenance.


Increase your confidence in knowing what your voice needs in each moment so you never feel overwhelmed with where to start when warming up.


Share exercises to start improving your breath, expression and clarity so your voice will feel easier, more engaging and clearer.


Empower you to explore your vocal potential so that you can increase your voice choices when speaking.


Be lots of craic/fun with a voice geek who knows what she’s talking about so you can feel dead smug that you’ve got the most up to date and snazzy exercises to play with. 

This masterclass series offers maximum impact with minimum commitment. 

Each day you’ll join me on a live zoom training for a 30 – 45 minute interactive masterclass.

Time for Q&A every day too! 

It’s live and interactive so you’ll be able to explore, get creative, reflect and ask questions right there and then in the company of other wonderfully voice curious folks.

Who is it for?

If you’re a podcaster, voiceover artist, narrator, broadcaster, presenter, celebrant or public speaker, these masterclasses are for you. 

It’s perfect for you if …

It’s not for you if…

How will it work?


You’ll start by getting to know your voice as it is right now. I’ll guide you to honestly reflect on what’s working well for you and what isn’t? You’ll start to explore what you would like to achieve with your voice for your work and the steps you need to get there. With input from me, you’ll dive into your current voice care routine (if you have one!) and see how it can be improved. I’ll share my tried and tested recipe for a banging voice care routine and how it can improve your voice so you can feel expressive, engaging and empowered. 


We dive into two of the most key, foundational elements of voice coaching; crucial to owning your speaking and building your confidence – body and breath. 

You’ll be guided through specific exercises designed to help you release inner and outer tension and to help you deepen your breath so that you can learn how to speak with ease, confidence and freedom. 

You’ll also build on the previous day’s ‘Know it’ process by uncovering your unique body and breath exercise combination and discover how incorporating these powerful elements can help your own your voice care routine and speak with confidence.


You’ll bring it all together by creating your own piece of vocal work as well moving on to Speak it – learning about Sounds and speech. 

This is where we start playing with the sound you are capable of making and shaping it into the words you need to amplify. It’s the day where your neighbours might get a little bit worried by the sounds coming out of your abode! We make lots of noises and silly faces to see how your speaking can become clearer, more expressive and represent all of you. 

What else?

Each session will be made up of an introductory theory chat to increase your understanding of how the voice works plus practical exercises to take away and implement immediately. 

You will also receive a free workbook to guide you through the masterclass days and to invite your own exploration in between the sessions to help build on the masterclass content. 

My name is Nic and I am a spoken voice coach, international voice over artist and podcaster helping people across the globe improve their vocal health, speaking skills, mic technique and communication.

With a predigious MA in voice studies from Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, I was trained by the best in the business including Kristen Linklater, Barbara Houseman and Cicely Berry. I continue to update and develop my skills with the likes of Knight Thompson Speechwork, The British Voice Association, Dane Chalfin and Vocal Health Education. My internationally reaching podcasts, online courses, downloads and 1-2-1 coaching practice help professional speakers get the results they need when recording, presenting and performing.

My work helps transform new and expert speakers helping them overcome any number of voice challenges and concerns from vocal rehab and strength to articulation, range and breath work. I enable my clients to reach their vocal potential by experiencing more voice control and variety, vocal confidence and stamina and a life changing understanding of their instruments capabilities. As a Vocal Health First Aider I have all the up to date knowledge and skills to help with management of voice emergencies and those “help, where’s my voice gone?!” moments!

I combine daily work as a professional speaker and microphone user with highly trained voice geekery to pinpoint the main voice technique issues that hinder speakers day to day and give you the solutions you need to speak for longer in an engaging, exciting and inspiring way.

I’ve helped 100’s of voiceovers, podcasters, speakers, celebrants and presenters with voice technique for over 8 years and have developed a range of training methods that are proven to make your job easier and more enjoyable!


£ 17

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t make it live, can I still take the Masterclasses?

Yes, you’ll be emailed a link to view the sessions. You’ll miss the live and interactive experience but still benefit from all the good stuff and be able to use your own workbook at your pace. 

I’m completely new to voice coaching, are these masterclasses for me?

Absolutely. It’s a brilliant, low commitment opportunity to learn about the power of your own voice in a group setting and discover what voice coaching can do to help you leverage the true impact of your voice in your work.

I’ve done loads of voice training before, are these masterclasses for me?

There’s always something to reflect on and explore with voice work. I’d encourage you to attend and be open to knowing that every time you do an exercise, even if it’s not new to you, you can  learn something about your voice in every  moment. We are always learning and creating and voice research is always changing and updating so you can experience something you know in a new way with a new coach so if you’ve never worked with me it will give me a chance to share my years of experience with you.

I’m recovering from vocal injury, can I do the masterclasses?

These masterclasses aren’t a substitute for any prescribed voice recovery you’ve been offered. My training is informed by clinical, rehabilitory practices and I can help you with 1-2-1 vocal rehab, but this isn’t a vocal rehab course. But please do join in and be sure to take the responsibility to work within your own comfort range and current vocal ability. 

When will the course take place? 

The masterclasses will take place on September 21st, 22nd & 23rd at 2pm UK time. They will last approximately 30 – 45 mins.