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I'm a trained actress. Yes. A trained one. I dabbled in musical theatre for a time, stuck my little toe in the West End, toured theatre on a narrowboat for 9 months (I did not wear a fleece once, thank you) and someone from Time Out once said I “...soared to the vocal challenges of the liturgical score...”, meaning I sing dead good. But not on karaoke. The back catalogue of Meat Loaf requires passion and commitment, not an elegant falsetto.

Once upon a time, I did a TV thing with Ray Winstone. You could only really see my feet in the end, but he did teach me how to act ‘discover drugs in a suitcase in customs’ correctly. Not by sniffing them, it would seem. #neverdonedrugs

But wait, there's more...

If this was an online dating profile, it would say I love cooking, long walks on the beach and have a 'GSOH', meaning I'm a bit of a comedian. Not just in the banter-y, social sense. People have literally paid me to tell them jokes. In both money and food. I perform solo stand up and sketch comedy in various forms across the country.

Some one said this once; “Nicola Redman’s opening satirical stance set the audience agog. Her timing was impeccable, her gags relatable yet new” (DV8 online) and someone else said this; "the audience immediately warmed to her. The strong material about her irish heritage, quick paced ukulele songs and snappy wit were an instant hit. Definitely one to watch.”  (Comedy ChordsSomeone also said I should stop eating crisps. But I didn't listen.

So, if you want an Irish, ukulele wielding eejit to come and entertain you for up to 20 minutes for a reasonable fee or a good cut of meat, then drop me a line on the contact page.