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We survived Edinburgh, me and good old Graham. What fun was had. Look at our venue?! (Below) The tent and time, which we thought may be a disaster, were great! Lots of people came in, and left happy. Here's to next year when we will hopefully be storming the boards with Jolly Mixtures, our sketch group.  

Ok, back to the other boring comedy info below... Go on. Read.  

The mightly Yurt Locker! Free Sisters, Cowgate. 

The mightly Yurt Locker! Free Sisters, Cowgate. 

“Nicola Redman’s opening satirical stance set the audience agog. Her timing was impeccable, her gags relatable yet new” DV8 online


As I was saying, I do stand up. At least 1 to 7 times every day.  (#lols) No, but seriously. Stand up comedy, innit. My act is a mixture of stories, the odd song and general hilarious banter. (#obvs) I’ve been travelling the UK and gigging as much as possible at venues including The Comedy Store, Frog and Bucket and The Stand. Always on the look out for a stage*, if you have a gig offer, drop me a line. Have a wee gander here on the 'Gigs' page for future....well, gigs. 

 *I say stage as an ultimate goal. If you have a corner above/behind/below a pub I’d be happy. Or a room. Or even a tent. Somewhere. With a few people. Or just you. That’s fine too. Call me...or email, whatevs.


“...the audience immediately warmed to her. The strong material about her irish heritage, quick paced ukulele songs and snappy wit were an instant hit. Definitely one to watch.”  

Andy Chambers


And yes! I'm part of Jolly Mixtures sketch group as well. We are a collection of comics from the North of places (Ireland, Yorkshire, Northumbria...Hull)  including the ever so funny Amy Gledhill, Rob Gilroy and Graham Oakes. We have a monthly residency at Caroline Street Social Club, Saltaire, and perform a multitude of sketches, characters and sometimes songs for your pleasure. Do follow us on the 'Twitter', @jollymixtures to keep up to date with whats happening. Or see my gig list for future dates.