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In today’s short and sweet episode, I’ll go through five of my favourite books for voice training. You’ll learn about really accessible, easy-to-follow and practical resources with plenty of voice exercises and science-based recommendations. 

What You Will Learn:

– How to approach your voicing holistically with Finding Your Voice by Barbara Houseman

– Learn to improve your voice’s daily care with Everyday Voice Care by Joanna Cazden

– Get hundreds of voice exercises from Voicework by Christina Shewell

– Learn everything you need to know about articulation from The Moment of Speech by Annie Morrison


– Finding You Voice by Barbara Houseman:

– Everyday Voice Care by Joanna Cazden:

– Voicework by Christina Shewell:

– This Is a Voice by Jeremey Fisher, Gillyanne Kayes, and Cerys Matthews:

– The Moment of Speech by Annie Morrison:

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