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What to do when you are called last minute for a voice gig, to host a meeting or get interviewed, and you don’t have much time to go through a proper voice warm up but still want to sound fantastic? Today is your lucky day, because I’ll teach you 5 exercises to warm up dead quick. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– The three main areas every warm up routine should focus on

– The benefits of shaking your body before a voice gig

– How to eliminate the shaky and nervous voice ton

– How to glide up and down your vocal range

– The benefits of slug tongue and underwater speaking

The excitement of getting interviewed and telling your story can cause unnecessary tension in your vocal tract that, on top of making you sound weird, can damage your voice. These 5 quick exercises can help you prevent that, and they’re an excellent option for pre-speaking gigs or social networking events. 


– Buy a Voice Deck for more warm up inspo 

– Send me your voice problems!

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