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If you speak mainly on a microphone and you don’t need to be heard in a massive outdoor space, it’ll be fair to assume your voice will do fine for the most part. But if you must speak for long hours, doing several hours of recordings in a row, your voice will most likely get tired. In today’s episode, I’ll share three tips to reduce vocal tiredness and increase vocal stamina that’ll help you keep your voice fresh and accurate. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– Why you must learn to take care of your vocal tiredness

– The best way to build a consistent vocal care routine

– How big breaths affect your voice quality and stamina

– How to keep the right amount of tension in your body

Part of taking care of your voice is acknowledging that voice care is a holistic experience; for your voice to be in a good place, your mind and body must be there first. So, if your nutrition, hydration, and sleep quality are poor or your stress levels are high, your voice will suffer, regardless of how much care you put into your warmups and release exercises. 


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