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Today, in the last installment of the Vocal Empowerment Series, I have the pleasure of chatting with the voice expert and best-selling author Caroline Goyder. 

We explore the crucial role of the body in vocal empowerment, how imposter syndrome affects our voicing abilities, and what gravitas sounds like and means to Caroline. We look at vocal empowerment through the lens of mindfulness, discuss Caroline’s books and her idea that we, as humans, are not finished products. We talk about voicing and communication as a dance, not a picture, the role of nerves before a voice gig, and much more. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– How Caroline’s book “Star Qualities” serves as an imposter syndrome neutraliser

– Why Caroline believes in the beauty of voices’ imperfections

– Why feeling nervous is a perfectly normal part of public speaking, and how to go through it

– What Caroline thinks gravitas is and how it should sound

– What vocal empowerment is and how to reach it

– Caroline’s advice on the best way to “break a state”

As an internationally recognised speaker and trainer, Caroline Goyder worked as a voice coach for over 10 years at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London. Besides “Star Qualities”, she authored “Gravitas: Communicate with Confidence,” “Influence and Authority,” and “Find your Voice.” In 2014, Caroline presented “The surprising secret to speaking with confidence” at TEDx Brixton, that reached almost 9.5 million views on YouTube. Go and check it out! 


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