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Today I share the best parts of my conversation with the brilliant Tor Spence, Voice and Upper Airway Specialist, and the Founder of VoiceFit Private Speech Therapy Services.

We delve into some voice health issues like reflux, its causes, how to identify it, and the consequences of it being misdiagnosed. Tor shares her thoughts on voice empowerment, how you can benefit from it, and how to better know your voice from a vocal health perspective. She also offers top tips for keeping your voice healthy and consistent during hay fever season, what inflammation might look and feel like, and much more. 

What You Will Learn:

– The symptoms of reflux and consequences on your voice

– Why you shouldn’t ignore reflux symptoms

– Tor’s best advice on hydration 

– What vocal empowerment is for Tor, and its role in enhancing your voicing consistency and health

– Tor’s recommendation for being more in touch with your voice’s health

– Advice for voice users recovering from COVID

– Why some people need to constantly clear their throats

– The importance of nose breathing

If you find this useful and interesting, check out Tor’s voice therapy skills training, online courses, webinars, in-person training, as well as her VoiceFit Blog. 


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