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Today’s episode is all about habits and how to incorporate your vocal warm ups and voice care into your daily routines. I’ll share a few tips to help you make space in your day and turn your voice work more habitual. I’ll also talk about navigating new habits using timers, rewards, a warm up partner, or sticking fun things at the end of your voice work or warm ups. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– Why it is so hard to maintain your vocal warm up routines through time

– How making your voice warm ups into habitual practices can help you develop efficient muscular patterns

– The advantages of setting a timer for your warm up and voice work routines

– How to motivate yourself using rewards

– How to increase accountability by adding a voice warm up pal

Adding pleasure or fun things at the end of every warm up session is an excellent tool to motivate you to commit to doing our voice work consistently. Keeping consistency in your vocal warm up will increase your confidence, clarity, speaking performance, and vocal expression. 


– Book: James Clear Atomic Habits

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