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This week, we’ll learn to deal with the popping plosives. We’ll overlook mic placement and other silly techniques to reduce plosives and we’ll go right at the source of the issue, our lips. I’ll share an exercise to help you release the plosives with more ease, reducing the popping sound on the mic in the long term, and I’ll share an emergency tool for exceptional occasions. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– Why some consonants explode on the microphone

– The connection between the vigour we use to speak and plosives

– How to reduce plosives by paying attention to the lip tension

– A quick fix to reduce plosives (not a long-term solution)

In most cases, we sound poppy on the mic because we are over-excited during the plosive release phase. To reduce plosives, we must increase awareness of our lip tension when voicing and explore the sound produced under different levels of tension. 


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