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This week, I’ll share some tips to take care of and get your voice ready for outdoor speaking. I’ll separate them into two groups, the first one for taking care of your voice, and the sendo one for your performance and delivery. After listening to this episode, you’ll be able to keep your voice sharp and ready to use, and you’ll learn to rely on your body to improve the sound of your voice.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– The differences between speaking outdoors and indoors 

– The massive benefits of warming up and staying hydrated for outdoors speaking

– Being louder doesn’t guarantee being heard

– The sounds vs. the volume of your voice

– How alignment can improve the quality of your outdoors voice

When speaking outdoors, remember that being heard is not a byproduct of speaking louder; it is more about finding the right pitch, paying attention to the sounds of your voice and being mindful of your alignment. 


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