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Sometimes, we might find it challenging to get our mouth around certain words, or during a recording session, we keep on stumbling over the same words, and we feel strongly about throwing the microphone out the window. So, to prevent us from unleashing our frustration on our recording setup, I’ll share three fun articulation exercises that’ll help us develop clarity in our speech and keep our sanity up to date. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– The multiple benefits of the slug tone exercise and how VOs can apply it into their routines

– How to find more space in our mouth and get an active, responsive tongue using one finger

– How to activate all the articulation muscles in our face using the “through the chippy window” exercise

These exercises are designed to make things harder to make them feel easier. Even if they feel hard to perform, they’ll make our voicing easier and smoother. Have fun with them!  


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