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In today’s episode, we’ll go through a wonderfully ridiculous exercise on exploring the sounds of vowels. We’ll exercise with mono and multisyllabic words, and then tie them together in a sentence. This exercise is beneficial for those moments when we feel disconnected from the words we are voicing, or when we’re reading something we might find boring or simply disagree with. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– How to effectively connect with our speech to create authentic communication

– Why we need to reconnect with words we use too often, to make any speech sound more enticing

– The difference between long and short vowels sounds and how to manipulate the sounds to emphasise the writer’s message

Exploring the vowels’ sounds provides the speaker with a real sense of emotions’ flow of every line they read. If vowels are the river that conducts the words’ feelings, we connect with the writer’s feelings and their intention in writing those lines by generating a genuine connection with the text.


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