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Today’s episode, on Valentine’s Day, is all about love. I’ll share three tips to fall in love with your voice again and leave aside the mean comments and opinions that might be making you dislike the sound of your own voice. We’ll explore the science behind why most of us don’t enjoy the sound of our voice, the influence of society and media on what we think of our voice and the best way to deal with critics of our voicing capabilities. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– The stereo plus one mode in which we hear our voice and how it influences what we think of our voicing

– The importance of being aware of the unconscious bias that society and the media imprints on us when we critique our voice

– Why we need to be kind to ourselves and observe the relevance we give to other people’s’ opinions of how we sound

– How to ask questions to generate positive and encouraging opinions of our voicing, and the healthiest way to deal with criticism

There is a difference between adjusting particular features of our voice based on the opinion of a producer or a specific requirement for a job, and someone else’s misophonia. We must focus on the information that helps us improve our voicing and move forward from there. Everyone else’s opinion of how our voice sounds is nothing more than that – their one opinion. 


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