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In this episode, we’ll do a little recap on warm-ups. We’ll go through five questions that will help us structure our warm-up routine and create one that won’t tire or bore us and that we’ll find fun to do. For those new to the show, or those who don’t know how to get your voices ready for work, you’ll get a good feeling of what a proper warm-up should be, and for those who already know and feel they have a slick warm-up routine, this episode will help you make your routine slicker.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– The points every warm-up routine should touch and stimulate

– The importance of staying curious and raising our awareness towards the exercises we include in our warm-up

– Why it is crucial we pay attention to the length of our warm-ups 

– Why we need to make sure we enjoy our warm-up routine

– How we should feel after every warm-up, before starting our voice work

Warm-ups shouldn’t be too long or repetitively tedious, nor the same exact routine we’ve been doing for the last 18 years. They shouldn’t be too long to avoid getting unnecessarily tired, and it should adjust to the changes of our voice over time. 


– Episode 001 How to structure your voice warm-up 

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