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Today’s episode is the last part of our interview with Barbara Houseman, and it is also the closing of the celebrations for our first year together. 

We dive deep into voiceover and podcasting lands in this second part of our lovely encounter. Barbara shared golden nuggets and practical examples on prepping the voice for microphone work, conversational read, resonance, female-identifying people playing male, and vice versa, and breathing while reading long phrases. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

– Why we should get rid of the word “conversational” when we talk about finding authenticness

– Where directing and voice recording collide and why it is not possible to do both

– One thought, one breath – Barbara’s advice for voiceover artists facing multiple lines sentences 

– What we can do to prep our voice for mic speaking

I hope you enjoyed and found very useful the chats with amazing voice experts such as Barbara Houseman and Dane Chalfin during the podcast birthday celebrations! Now back to voice work and I’ll see you next week.  


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