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Today, continuing with our celebration week, we go through the second part of my interview with Dane Chalfin. In this part, Dane answers the previous episode’s cliffhanger – are straws a good tool for warmups? He also shares his thoughts on post-pregnancy voice training, stuffed up nose and how to deal with voice ageing. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– Dane’s take on the use of straws for warmups and in voice therapy

– The dependency straws can cause and why it is so easy to get things wrong with them

– The benefits of using steam and how we can benefit from breathing through our mouth and nose simultaneously

– Why the voice tends to change after pregnancy and how to deal with it

Throughout this interview, we also dive into a fun and informative myth-busting quickfire, where I bombard Dane with some internet-based knowledge about voice fatigue, the use of nebulisers, throat coat tea, and much more. 


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