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I believe New Year’s resolutions add too much unnecessary pressure, so I don’t do them anymore. Instead, I prefer reflecting on the year that ended and, based on the conclusions we can get from that, setting up some goals for the following year. So, in this first of a two-episode series on the new year, we’ll go through five questions we should ask ourselves to reflect on the year we just left behind about our voicing progress, what we need to change, improve, and be grateful for. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– The positive things about our voice we can focus on to keep growing

– The importance of expressing gratitude for what we’ve accomplished so far with our voicing

– What we’ve improved in our voicing this year

– What kind of relationship we have with our voice and what are the things that could be improved

Setting resolutions for the New Year feels like things we must complete or reach. Rather than thinking about the things we must achieve, we can consider our goals and aim in that direction. The closer we get to them, the better, and not reaching them is not a failure, it is progress. 


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