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This week, we’ll go through the second part of the Twelve Days of Tips-mas. We will debunk some myths about breathing, we’ll learn the proper position for our chin while speaking, and remember to be mindful of releasing unnecessary tension. This also serves as a reminder to keep things playful, to stay curious, explore our body responses, and be aware of the importance of feedback to improve. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– Where our chin should be when we are in front of the mic

– Why speaking or breathing with our diaphragm makes no sense

– Why we must never forget to release tension

– How keeping things playful makes everything easier

– What we should focus on at the beginning of every warm-up

– Why it is essential to get a voice pal to receive feedback from

Whether from a professional coach or from a sincere friend, feedback is an essential part of evolving our voicing. Accountability is a powerful ally of improvement, and partnering with someone we love, respect, admire or learn from is perhaps the best choice to improve our voicing abilities. 


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