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Invaded by the Christmas spirit, I’ve decided to share with you 12 tips that will help you take care of your voice before, during, and after this holiday season that might get noisy and force us to eat, drink and speak more than we usually do. Today, we’ll go through the first six of these vocal health tips.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– Remember that you have more body after the larynx

– What kind of beverages are the best to keep our body and voice hydrated 

– How to avoid pushing your voice harder than you need to

– What it means to watch your diet closely in order to maintain vocal health

– How focusing on out-breath and flooring down helps you take care of your voice

These tips are handy to close a solid year of voice training on a high note. There is no reason to not celebrate during holidays, but there is also no reason not to take care of your voice. 


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