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This episode comes on the back of a request from a lovely client who’s headed off to panto-land for the festive season. Don’t know what panto is? Then listen to this episode. Know what panto is, but you’re not doing it? Still listen in, because a lot of the tips I’m sharing today are relatable and usable, whether you are batch recording loads of podcasts, or you’re doing character voicing for an audiobook, or you’ve got lots of Christmasy type speaking in your diary for the next few weeks.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– Five tips for vocal warmups and cooldowns during the festive season

– How to maintain your vocal health over this intense period of rehearsing and shows

– How to take care of your voice while your are on stage speaking or performing 

It feels like I am prepping you for some battle, but it is a sort of a battle to go through this intense period for performers and speakers. So if you’ve ever done panto or if you’re going to see panto this year, just think about how much effort those performers are putting in and give them a big clap at the end of it. 


– What the heck is panto anyway…

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