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Now that we know the difference between obstructed and unobstructed sounds and voiced and unvoiced consonants, we’ll jump back into the practical side of articulation. This articulation training will make our voice sound clearer. Therefore, we’ll be asked to repeat ourselves less often, and we’ll save editing time. In other words, this training will save us money. Happy days!

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– What are consonant clusters and how can they help our voicing

– The different ways of working with consonant clusters

– The benefits of overtraining our articulators

By adding these exercises to our warmup routine, we’ll reduce our pickups while recording, reduce the time we spend in the booth, which in turn will save us money, energy and make our lives easier. The clear voice we always wanted will be waiting just around the corner if we keep our articulators working and responsive. 


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