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A cold caught me by surprise during my holidays! So as I’m on the edge of coming back to total health, I decided to dedicate this episode to how to look after your voice during cold and flu season. We will go through some helpful tips to look after your voice and prevent getting ill during the winter season, which has already started here in the U.K. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– How important it is to keep our vocal folds properly hydrated

– Keep in mind the importance of a balanced diet and proper rest

– The benefits of keeping our throat warm and breathing through the nose

– Why certain types of home heating systems and medicines can dry our voice

It is common to get a cold during the cold season. Still, we can do things to prevent getting sick, and if we get sick anyway, to help us recover faster. A proper warm-up routine, hydration, eating healthy, adequate rest and wearing warm clothes are excellent for preventing a cold.  


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