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Today, we will talk about the glorious, joyous, and crowd-pleaser tongue twister. We will go through my tongue twister do’s and don’ts, we will learn what kind of tongue twisters we should pick, which ones to avoid, how often we should change them, and much more.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– Why tongue twisters might feel irrelevant with time

– Why we must take time to do our tongue twisters exercises

– What kind of tongue twisters we should pick to obtain better results

– Why we should avoid doing the same tongue twister for ages

Tongue twisters are great to help with the clarity of articulation, and they are another fundamental part of the warmup process. We use tongue twisters to energise the sound of our voice, which is helpful when we need to emphasise emotions in the message we are communicating to our listeners. 

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