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This week we are continuing with our toning exercises for the articulators. We will focus on the lips, and I will share one of the most loved exercises I’ve ever known, the “Pout-Nana Cat’s bum-Clown”. We will go through these four exercises to help us gain responsiveness and clarity in the sounds we produce. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– How toning our lips help us improve our voicing

– The benefits of the “Pout-Nana-Cat’s bum-Clown” exercise and how to perform it correctly

Once we’ve mastered the articulators release exercises, focusing on toning them is crucial to enhancing the movement of the muscle groups around them. Working on these specific groups of muscles will help us activate them quicker and more precisely when we need them. 


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– Lip Excersise in Video

– Book: Speaking with Skill by Dudley Knight l

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