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Today, in the shortest episode of the history of this podcast, we will learn to release and stretch the soft palate. We will go through the benefits of stretching and releasing this movable articulator, and then we will perform a cheeky voice exercise to stretch and release the tension of the naughty kid in the back, the soft palate.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– Why it is useful to release and stretch the soft palate

– The role of the soft palate in our voicing  

– How to stretch and release the soft palate

The soft palate is exclusively responsible for a couple of sounds and serves as the back door of the nasal cavity. Raising awareness of our soft palate will help us increase and decrease nasality in our vocal tone, encourage oral resonance, and help us with the volume when speaking. 

Resources: – Yawning – A Critical View 

– Yawning to exercise the face, throat diaphragm and voice

– The Voice & Accent Hub Facebook group

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