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Today’s episode is about articulators and how they make sound. We will explore each one of our mouth’s articulators, their location, function, and the sounds associated with them.

This episode is about raising awareness of the articulators, so we can make better use of them.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– The relevance of articulation awareness for our voicing

– The difference between movable and non-movable articulators

– What are the different sounds produced in the hard and the soft palate

– What is the uvula, and what kind of sounds it helps produce

As already mentioned, articulation isn’t only about the sounds themselves, it is also about the effects of our phonatory anatomy on the voice, about the stress patterns and the emphasis. That is why it is crucial that we know and understand the articulators from the bottom of the vocal tract up to the top of the mouth. 


– Voice & Accent Hub

– Pictures of the articulators

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