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This week, I’m answering a question I’ve seen asked a lot on the voice forums I regularly visit: how to make reading a script sound conversational. To answer this, I’ll share my four top tips to make reading a script sound not only conversational, but authentic and natural as well. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– The importance of practising sight-reading

– How write-as-we-speak can help us to sound more natural

– How we can modify our script to make it sound more natural

– Why a perfect speech sounds artificial and forced

Podcasters and presenters may feel safer reading a script, however, there are several ways of making it sound casual and conversational. Trying to clean our accent, or sounding too perfect can sound artificial. Our hearing is used to lumpy, flawed, and bumpy conversations, and adding those details will give our speech a more authentic tone. 

Resources: – The Voice & Accent Hub Facebook group

– Ultimate Voice Getaway Retreat

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