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After a slight digression on dealing with hay fever, we are continuing with our resonance training. In this episode, we will work on increasing our resonance awareness in order to find vocal variety and expression in our speaking voice. We will talk about primary and secondary resonance spaces, and we will practice some exploration exercises to identify the areas of our vocal tract we can use to manipulate resonance. 

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

– What are the elements involved in resonance, according to Michael McCallion

– Exploration exercises to increase resonance awareness

– What are the three spaces where primary resonance happens

– What is the difference between primary and secondary resonance spaces

The primary resonance spaces are ideal for exploring a variety of tonal qualities in the voice,  for accessing different emotional vibes, and taking listeners on an inspirational journey through our voices. Secondary resonance spaces are more controversial, as some people feel they help change our voice tone, some people don’t. In any case, resonance awareness is a powerful tool and a valuable asset to improve our voicing. 


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