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We will pause our resonance training to talk about allergies, more specifically about hay fever. In this episode, I will share seven tips that might help mitigate the effects of this stational affection. We will go through the medications’ side effects we need to be careful of, and some exercises to help us keep things on track.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– The importance of letting the doctor know we work with our voice before he prescribes any medicine

– How staying hydrated can help us with hay fever

– What kind of medicine components we should avoid

– How vocal naps and avoiding clearing our throats can help us in our recovery

– How consuming local honey can help us build immunity to the particular pollen in our area

– Why wine is not our best friend if we struggle with allergies

In general, a healthy lifestyle is the best preventive method for any disease of affection, and hay fever is not the exception. 


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