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In this episode, we will continue talking about resonance. We will break down Barbara Houseman’s definition of resonance, and I will share some exercises to encourage awareness of the spaces that affect our resonance potential. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– What resonance can offer to our voicing

– How we can explore our resonance potential

– A few soft palate, pharyngeal, and tongue release exercises

When it comes to our voicing and the message we have to share, it is really not about what we are trying to communicate, or who we are trying to communicate to. It is about having an accessible and responsive voice to the emotions of our message. That is why resonance is so important, because it grants that our voice and body are fully awake and connected. 


– The Voice and Accent Hub

– Vocal Arts Workbook by David & Rebecca Carey

– Finding Your Voice by Barbara Houseman

– Nic’s Quick Voice Tips

– The Whispered Ah

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