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In today’s episode, we will define and understand what vocal resonance is, and how we can improve it. I’ll also share some simple exercises to increase resonance awareness and feel the vibrations in our bodies.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– What resonance is, and how it affects our voicing

– How resonance affects the tonal quality of our voice

– How different tensions in the vocal tract can affect the resonance

– Why it is crucial to increase awareness around resonance

– Some exercises to build up our resonance awareness

Understanding vocal resonance and exploring our resonance potential can help us better grasp our tonal quality. We can also play with other options within our voice, like using resonance to give the most of our voice with a minimum effort. 


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– Voicework: Art & Science in CHanging Voices by Christina Shewell

– The Right to Speak by Patsy Rodenburgh

– Ep 01 How to structure a voice warm up

– Ep 012 Physical release prep for resonance

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– Voice Science Works article on Resonance

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