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A few clients recently have mentioned how they feel like they struggle to find the time to do their voice work in the day. So I wanted to offer some tips for how to fit voice training into your routine without it hanging over you.

Tips for Fitting Voice Practice Into Your Day: 

– Tip 1 – Aim for consistency. It doesn’t matter how tiny the practice, it just has to be consistent, and to become a habit.

– Tip 2 – Add your voice practice habit onto another habit. Check in on your habits and see what you could co-ordinate.

– Tip 3 – Little and often is more useful in many cases. Do what many pros do: split your practice time into smaller, super-concentrated chunks, working multiple times a day.

– Tip 4 – Set an achievable practice goal. 

– Tip 5 – Just do it. If you don’t want to do it, reflect on why, what’s holding you back? 

– Tip 6 – Make it fun! We do the things we enjoy more readily and voice work can, and should be fun. 

Okay, now I’m off to take my own advice and spend one minute lip trilling whilst I boil the kettle. I hope this inspires you to fit some voice work into your day.


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