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In this episode, we will go back to breathe land. We will go through a set of exercises to bring awareness of how voice support can help us use our voice more efficiently and reduce voice fatigue. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– Why breath and support are essential for our voice

– How to do a short and effective warm-up

– How voice fricatives can help us with voice support

– Why we must release our belly on each end breath

These exercises are of great help if you experience vocal fatigue issues or discomfort; they will help you coordinate the voice and the support, get vocal fold closure and airflow coordination. 


– Send me your questions for the mailbag episode here

– Link to The VAH

– The Primal Voice – Dane Chalfin

– 5 Minute vocal warm up

– Finding Your Voice by Barbara Houseman

– Accent method breathing

– Accent method breathing book


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