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In this episode, we will talk about getting nervous when speaking in public. We will dive deep into why this happens to us, how it affects our voice performance, and how to deal with it. I’ll share four simple tips that you can apply before speaking to an audience, to help you handle the anxiety and prevent it from affecting your voicing.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– Why we feel nervous before and while we speak in front of an audience

– How the awareness that feeling nervous is something normal can help us

– What happens to our voice when we feel like we have no control over our bodies

– What we can do in the days before public speaking to avoid getting nervous 

Feeling nervous and anxious before speaking in front of an audience is entirely normal, and even the most experienced speakers feel it. The tension that affects our voice is a natural response of our bodies to a frightening situation. Using the tips I’ve shared, you will be able to better deal with nerves when speaking in public.  


– Article – What is the Fight or Flight Response

– Article – Grounding Techniques

– Book – Stage Fright and the Actor by Linda Brennan

– Book – Find Your Voice by Caroline Goyder

– Book – How to Own the room by Viv Groskop

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