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In this episode we are continuing with our breathing for voice journey. Today we will talk about connecting breath support with speaking, and we will perform a few exercises to explore and understand which body parts participate in breath support.  

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– Is it hard to implement breath support? 

– How to avoid creating tension when we practice breath support

– The parts of our body that react first when we need vocal support

– How to connect our voice with a support action through popping vocal fold vibrations

We are using vocal support all the time while we speak, even if we are not aware of it. But working too much on generating support might create unnecessary tension. The more we practice an easy release of the air in the out-breath, the more we develop flexibility in the muscular system, required to keep the voicing support with low effort. 


– Finding You Voice by Barbara Houseman

– This is a Voice by Jeremy Fisher & Guillyanne Kayes

– Voicework by Christina Shewell

– The Voice and Accent Hub 

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