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In this episode we will go through the meaning of common terms in voice training like voice support and breath support. We will talk about the three crucial elements of voice support, and we will do a simple yet powerful breathing exercise.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– How getting support is not a simple one-step fix

– Why voice production works somewhat like a guitar

– The role of diaphragm in speaking, and why it is so hard to be aware of it

A common misconception when speaking is believing that we are using the diaphragm when we activate our abdominals. In fact, we are making our core more rigid and making the in-breath much harder to take. Ideally, you should release the belly completely on the inhale, making space for the diaphragm to expand freely and draw down as the air comes in. 


– Find You Voice by Caroline Goyder

– Finding You Voice by Barbara Houseman

– This is a Voice by Jeremy Fisher & Guillyanne Kayes

– Freeing the Natural Voice – Kristen Linklater

– Joanna Cazden – Everyday Voice Care

– Christina Shewell – Voicework; art and science in changing voices

– The Voice and Accent Hub

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