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Today we are talking about filler sounds and words when speaking, why they show up in our speech, and whether we need to eliminate all of them. I’m also sharing a few techniques we can use to reduce or replace filler sounds.  

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– Hesitation signs and filler words as a natural part of speaking

– Why we use filler words

– How to use pauses as a powerful tool when speaking

– How to replace a filler sound with an out-breath

– How our mind and speech can flow smoothly in a perfectly aligned body

Unless we are writing every speech word by word,, we must accept filler words as a natural part of speaking. What we can do is focus on our body alignment, be aware of our breathing, pay attention to our speech tempo, and use pauses to give us time to think and plan our next words.


– How to Improve your breath awareness

– How to release the body for voice work

– Why posture is important for voice work

– The Voice and Accent Hub

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