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Welcome to The Voice Coach Podcast!

This podcast is for anyone interested in improving their spoken voice.

I’m Nic Redman, a voiceover artist, speaker, podcaster and coach. I’ll be sharing with you vocal health tips, vocal technique exercises, interviews with other voice geeks, and voice training advice.

Why do we need a podcast about spoken voice?

Most of us have a voice, and we use it every day without even thinking about it, until we wake up one day and find our voice sounding croaky or getting tired really quickly. Or sometimes people say they don’t understand what we are saying. Or we’re suddenly asked to speak in a room full of people at a networking event, and find that nothing comes out of our mouth.

As a working voice professional, I understand how important the voice is when you rely on it for your job. All voices are brilliant and valid, but all voices can be even better, and that’s why I’m here. I want this podcast to inspire you to explore what your voice is capable of.

Whether you are a podcaster, a voiceover artist, an actor, public speaker, teacher, business professional or athlete, join me each episode as I guide you through raising your vocal awareness and understanding.

Let’s have fun with our voices and remember, stay hydrated!

P.S. Big thanks to Jack Evans for creating the music for The Voice Coach Podcast. 

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