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How to become a better podcaster with a vocal warm-up. 

Ok, podcaster pal.  You have the equipment and know your content like the back of your hand. That’s a solid 8/10. But if want to become a better podcaster then don’t jump straight into recording your podcast without doing a vocal warm-up! A few simple vocal warm-ups can not only make your podcast production process […]

How to stop nightmare hay fever affecting your voice performance

Happy days, it’s once again #HayfeverSeason! Oh my word – allergies are the worst. If you have nightmare hay fever and it’s affecting your voice performance for your podcast or voiceover, you have my sympathy…and now my tips on what to do! The day is looking up.  Whether it’s sinus congestion, allergic rhinitis, dry throat, […]

How a voice warmup can save you time!

How a Vocal Warmup can Save you Time

This blog post is called “How a Voice Warm Up can save you time” because, you might need to admit this if you’re in this category (it’s a safe space, don’t worry) one of the objections I come up against when trying to encourage people to do regular warm-ups before they speak and record is, […]

Top 5 Mic Techniques

Top 5 Mic Techniques

I’d like to talk about mic techniques, as there are loads of different ways we as speakers sometimes have to use microphones for speaking. You could be recording a podcast like this one, you could be a voice over artist, perhaps you’re narrating a book you’ve written for the first time. These days many of […]

Overcoming nerves for public speaking and podcast recording

How to overcome nerves when public speaking or recording

You’re back! Super. If you missed Part 1, check it out here. Try these hacks to overcome your nerves for public speaking and recording.  Tip One: Breath in less The narrative has often been to take a deep breath when you’re nervous,  but actually what you need to do is focus on the out breath. […]

How to overcome nerves for public speaking and podcast recording

How to overcome nerves for public speaking and podcast recording

Nerves when you’re speaking in public, recording a podcast or press interview or giving a presentation… what a pain! They happen to us all. Even the most experienced of speakers get nervous – yes, even me –  so please know, you’re not alone.  I’d like to share tips on how to harness and overcome your […]

Why should I do a vocal warmup anyway?

Why bother with a Vocal Warmup?

Let’s not mess around, I’m answering that age-old question “Why should I do vocal warmup anyway?” If I had a quid for every time I got asked that… I would have quite a few quids! Anyway, it’s the most common question I get as a voice coach and I get it. Sometimes I’m not in […]

Top 5 Tips for Improving Your Speech… Fast

“Nic, help! I’ve got a big recording tomorrow – what can I do to improve my speech quickly right now?!” Ok, podcaster or voiceover artist, here are a few quick tips for improving your speech Tip One: Use pauses. Don’t fear the pause! When you start to speak, the instinct, especially when you’re a bit […]

What to do when you’ve lost your voice

What to do when you've lost your voice

This blog post is dramatically titled ‘What to do when you’ve lost your voice’ which, let’s be honest, happens to us all at some point. Not necessarily because your technique’s a bit crap, but it is kind of inevitable that we get ill and that illness can head to the throat. I often get emergency […]

How to Love your Voice for Podcasting and Recording

How to Love Your Voice

One of the things I hear a lot from new clients who record their voice for living, whether you’re a podcaster, voice artist, presenter or even a coach recording yourself for online content… is the dreaded ‘I hate the sound of my own voice.’ It makes me very sad. So, in this blog I’m offering […]

How to Structure your Vocal Warm Up

Vocal Warm Up Structure

Welcome, So, you’ve heard that you should be warming up your voice before you speak. But how?! I hear you cry… Let’s define what we mean by ‘voice warm-up’ to start with. Preparation – that’s what! Getting you ready to do the job of speaking. Whether that’s recording your podcast or voiceover, or speaking at […]

How to reduce thinking sounds like umms, ahhs and filler words

Reduce Thinking Sounds When Speaking

Ah yes, it’s the age-old question: how to reduce umms, ahhs and filler words. Imma stop you there friend. People are obsessed with the idea they need to reduce thinking sounds when they’re speaking in public or recording a podcast. It’s a very common hang-up. But I’m here to put your mind at rest and […]

How to Start the Year with an Expressive, Effective Voice

6 voice tips to start your year with an expressive and effective voice

Happy blimmin’ new year!  I’m crawling out of under a pile of Ferrero Roche wrappers to bring you 6 voice tips to start your year with a voice that is expressive, authentic and, of course, hydrated.  Tip 1: Watch that chin! We all love to give our energy and attention to the listener or the […]

6 Tips for Vocal Health this Festive Season!

Festive Voice Tips

Hi there, Voice Pal! Warning: this blog post gets a little bit festive – ho ho oh em gee! If there’s anything we need over Christmas, it’s help with our voices, let’s be honest. You’ve got the noisy family around, you have a little bit to drink, and maybe you get a little bit dehydrated […]

How to sound conversational when reading from a script

Hello there,  Recently, I’ve seen loads of people asking how to make reading a script sound conversational – both in voiceover coaching and podcasting services. The conversational read is really hot right now. Everybody wants to be listening to stuff apparently like they’re down the pub with their mates or definitely just feeling like they’re […]