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Spoken voice coach and voice director working internationally in voiceover recording, podcast production, broadcast media, presenting and PR.

The Voice Coach Podcast

I bloody love a podcast, don’t you? And what better way to explore voice training than with me guiding you on your journey via weekly, bitesized voice lessons in podcast form.

Vocal Coach & Recording Director

Helping you get the word out of your mouth and into the mic with ease, expression and confidence.

Hello there, I’m Nic Redman, a vocal coach and director for podcast services and voice-over recordings based in the UK. Whether you’re wondering how to improve your speaking voice for podcasting and voiceover or someone to help a member of your team find vocal confidence on the microphone – you’ll find everything you need here.

Let’s have a natter. Bring a brew. And a biccy, why not?

Voice Demos

Here’s an introductory commercial audio demo for your ears.
To hear other demos including Gaming, Animation and more click below.

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